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Out With The Old January 1, 2010

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I’m not very different from everyone else.  The last twelve months have been a roller coaster ride for me.  Every time things seemed to settle down, either in a good way or a bad way, all of a sudden that incline came out of nowhere and I then there I was, facing a landslide decline.  The downhill was not always bad, not always scary, sometimes it was just that rush of excitement that I needed.

I have been struggling over the last few days both with some decisions I have to make in everyday life, and with the decision as to whether I should make The List.  You know the one, it has a Part A: all those things from the last twelve months that I deem to be list worthy, and then comes Part B: all those things I resolve to do in the next twelve months.

But why do we make these lists?  Especially the ones we resolve to do in the next twelve months?  How many times over the course of your life have you made those resolutions and then actually followed through with them?  I have decided not to make a list after all; I have decided that instead of making a list of resolutions to try to stick to… I am doing one thing only, I am going to wake up each morning and take a moment or two to meditate on all of the things I have to be thankful for.  I have been thinking that I need a little fine tuning of the attitude, and I think that this one daily exercise will help keep me centered, focused on what is really important.

While most of you are just waking up and starting your new year, I am half a world away.  My first day of the new year is already almost over.  Today was a challenge for me.   I find myself standing at one of those major forks in the road where I am forced to make some very hard decisions.  Today I made a conscious effort to give thanks for all of my blessings, and come back to center before I reacted to anything.  With this effort, I hope that I smiled at least once more than I did yesterday.  If I did, then I was successful.


Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da July 22, 2009

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And so life goes on…


I know you must have been waiting with bated breath for my return.  Where exactly is it that I have been you ask?  All over and back more than a few times.  Things have been pretty crazy for the last, let’s say, three weeks, and just as I am starting to recover, I am about to begin yet another journey into the unknown.


Going back to the end of June, just after my last post, I headed up north for a week of relaxation with some family friends.  We planted ourselves in a cabin on a lake and lived happily without the every day luxuries most of us consider to be necessities (no running water:translates into showering out of a 5 gallon bucket and washing dishes with boiled lake water; no electricity: translates into no TV, no cable, no radio, no video games, no electric switches; no traditional phone, and very limited cell phone service).  We entertained ourselves with a few trips down to visit friends at the lodge, camp fires, card games, coloring, puzzles, and lots and lots of needed sleep.  We did return a day early due to uncooperative weather and allergy issues, but overall, it was a much needed and thoroughly enjoyed vacation.


Only a day and a half after my return, I headed right back out for an overnight visit with my BFF.  That trip was extended because much to my dismay, just as I was about to get on the highway and head home, I was abruptly rearended.  The Manchild started to complain that his head hurt, and of course then I was worried about the babies too, so we headed to the ER just to be sure everyone was OK.  That we were, and we enjoyed one more night with a delicious breakfast the next morning.  Oh how I love to visit that house!


I recently had an appointment with the director of the nursing program I was accepted into, only to find that really, they are not taking much for transfer credits at all, and now I plan to finish my nursing education abroad.  I’m still working on the details, so we will leave this new development here until there is more, definite news to report.


The straw bale garden is doing well overall, but I seem to have lost all of the canteloupe plants and a tomato plant (Cherokee).  It seems like overnight I had a visit from the garden fairy, and the plants are really beginning to produce now.  For a while it seemed like I was never going to see any fuit for all of the labor!  My Dr. Bronner’s concoction seems to have done the trick in shooing off the unwelcome visitors that we had on our plants.


The Manchild has started swimming on a summer league in a neighboring town.  He seems to be enjoying that, and while he has practice I am able to take the babies over to the playground next to the pool and watch them exlpore and wander.  Popo has learned how to turn the sprinkler in the park on by pressing the red button, and every day when I pick her up after work now she tells me she wants to go to the sprknkler… the only thing is that it took a few days to figure out what she was saying because sprinkler sounds like ‘spanking’!


Summer seems to be slipping away before my eyes, but this last month especially I have been trying to make the time to enjoy the little things.  Some of the chores have been pushed off for fun, and I’ve been making sure to enjoy the littles.  Last night The Baby seemed to be ready for bed as soon as we got home.  Since she seemed extra cranky and extra extra clingy, I snuggled with her for a little bit and then rocked her to sleep.


I’ve been trying to get back on track with my domestic duties; sticking to my laundry schedule, staying on top of little pick-ups around the house, and finally working on a meal plan.  Of course that meal plan I have been working on was supposed to be ready for this week, but hey, life happens… so hopefully we will be eating somewhat planned starting next week.


Nothing else new and exciting to report on for the day, so that’s it for now!


A Day in the Life June 22, 2009

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Outside: Cool air, gray skies, sprinkles, and winds-a-blowin’!

I am Thinking: About the work being done on the bathroom this week, and how refreshing it will be to have finished walls and a floor that I can actually keep somewhat clean.  About Preparations that are needed for our forthcoming, much needed vacation.

In the Kitchen: Not too much going on.  Needs some restocking, hopefully we can take a much needed trip to the grocery store tonight.  I Also need to sit down and go through all the great ideas I have collected and actually get a meal plan together.  I Plan to make some more jam before the end of the week, that is if the sun shines through and we can get to the berry patch.

I am Thankful: For the time spent with family yesterday, snuggly babies, an the acceptance letter I received by surprise on Saturday in the mail.


The last week has been such a whirlwind that sitting here and reflecting, I can hardly remember anything that happened.  The thing that stands out in my mind the most is that one night this week The Baby was really tired.  Popo was watching Sesame Street 25th Anniversary DVD after a bath.  I took The Baby upstairs to get jammies on and the rest of the get-ready-for-bed routine.  I sat with her in the rocker where normally after about 30 seconds she climbs down and wanders off to the toys and books.  This night she put her head right down and snuggled in and I rocked her right to sleep.  It was so refreshing since she hasn’t let me do that in probably a year!  After she fell asleep and I had her all tucked in, I convinced Popo to come get her jammies on and we snuggled a bit too.


We’ve had pretty good luck in the garden.  I have some baby cukes coming up, and The Manchild informed me this morning that the tomatoes are flowering full force.  Those are my favorite, so I hope we have some fruit to show for our labor soon!  I mixed up some Dr. Bronner’s pest spray and I am waiting to see how that works out.  The only problem that I had was I accidentally broke some of the plants when I was trying to get the undersides of the leaves sprayed.  Hopefully they will forgive me and get past the injuries.  I will be much more careful next time, although I though I thought I was pretty gentle this time!


The Manchild and I made strawberry freezer jam, which you may have already read about.  This was some nice together time we had, something I think he has been looking for.  He seems to have taken an interest in cooking, and he made 2 batches of brownies by himself over the weekend.  One over at Mayonaies’s, and one yesterday to take to the Father’s Day cook out.  I’m going to try to encourage him more in this by keeping him involved in the planning and cooking on a regular basis, this might be a way to get some quality ‘mom’ time in for him.


Last week I was anxiously waiting for Tuesday so that I could call the college I recently applied to.  The had the Nursing Committee meeting on Monday afternoon, and I was told to feel free to call on Tuesday to get the news.  Tuesday came, and I called the secretary and asked for the news.  My heart sank when she told me that they were not able to review all the files the previous day, and they would not be able to meet until this coming Thursday; I should feel free to call back Friday morning; they had decided it wasn’t fair to share the news with some if they couldn’t share the news with all.  I had been fairly confident that I would be accepted with my transfer credits and scores on the placement tests, but all of a sudden I was nervous.  I checked Saturday’s mail on Sunday morning, and there was a letter from the Nursing Department.  I have been accepted with advanced placement!  I am really excited about this, but I still have a lot of decisions to make, and I am not sure if this is the best way to go.


We had a nice get together with the family yesterday at my aunt’s in celebration of Father’s Day.  The parents, grandparents, and a few aunts and uncles were there.  It was nice and low key.  The kids still took a dip in the pool even though it was raining, and the babies got to spend some time with my cousin’s children who are very close in age.


This week coming up I have a lot of work to get done. 

  • I have to get the bathroom all cleaned out tonight for the contractors who are coming tomorrow to start work on finishing the bathroom. 
  • I need to actaully get some meals made instead of just thinking about it.  Last week I cooked 2 all out family dinners, I would like to at least increase by one a week until it is habit on a daily basis.  I am trying to balance how to do this with not walking in the door with the littles until almosr 6 p.m.; this is something that is proving difficult for me.
  • I need to get a meal plan done for our vacation so we know what to bring.  This has to be done as we will be about an hour away from the grocery store once we get into camp.  Once we get in and settled, I would like to not have to head out to town at all for the week.
  • I need to start getting things together in general for our upcoming vacation.  Lots of laundry needs to be done and packing started at least towards the end of this week.
  • I need to gather as much information about as many other nursing programs as possible so that I can do a real comparison of the pros and cons of each and make a final decision as to what the best way to go is.
  • I want to get back to the berry patch and get a lot more berries so that I can make some more jam and freeze some whole and sliced berries.  We have to see what the weather brings before making those plans though; I heard it’s suppose to rain all week!


That’a all I’ve got going on these days.  I will have some new pics of the garden posted soon, as well as a report on how the Dr. Bronner’s pest spray worked.