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Who is KissyKat? January 23, 2009

I’m a wife and mom of 3; a thirteen year old a three year old, and a two year old.  I’ve been living overseas for just over a year now while I am finishing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Random Facts About Me For Your Reading Pleasure:

  1. I love the smell of snowmobile exhaust
  2. I used to have a little blue mole on my arm
  3. I often to shorten the names of things
  4. I am a closet domestic goddess
  5. I love to drive
  6. I think peanut butter would make almost anything taste good
  7. I can’t stand the feel of long fingernails
  8. My nickname ‘Kissy’ comes from a 2 year old who couldn’t say my real name
  9. When I was 3 I had an imaginary friend named Donovan
  10. I also used to stop the ice cream truck and try to use my play money to buy treats
  11. I recently fell madly in love with my iPod
  12. So I have been re-finding old favorite songs
  13. I hope that my children will embrace adventure
  14. I miss reading for pleasure
  15. I am busy reading textbooks
  16. I recently made it a point to start reading for pleasure again
  17. I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, and South-East Asia
  18. I am a wanna-be vegetarian
  19. After finishing my BSN, I hope to become a CNM (certified nurse midwife)
  20. All three of my babies were delivered by C-Section
  21. I like to scrapbook

One Response to “Who is KissyKat?”

  1. Halala Mama Says:

    Hi Kristen – thank you for comments on my blog. I always look forward to them!

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